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Awesome effects!

Amazing app. The pyro effects are very nicely done. Must have for some fun and creativity.

Finally it's back

This is a really cool cool app thanks for finally updating this app it's a must have great graphics just a cool cool app. It freezes when you use a lot of flames fix that issue and five stars are yours please don't take a year to fix that this app is cool please continue to support it.

Fun effects!

Works great on iPhone 5, effect is very detailed and well drawn!

Great !

Fun app for killing a few minutes And photos ! Check it out !

Best fart flame app ever!

Try it. I dare you.


Thanks for fixing one of my favorite apps ever! Works great now.


Crashed instantly. I'll keep it until you send an update. If it still crashes its gone

Zero stars!

All Crash but no Burn!

It won't open...

I have an iPod Touch 4th gen. I like burning stuff. FIX THE STUPID APP I WANT TO BURN STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

Whack app

This app cheap and no matter what you do it crash crash crash. DO SOMETHING

Please fix it

It keeps crashing every time I open it...

Can't even play it

It keeps crashing


It won't stop crashing no matter what.

Won't open on my iPad!

Negative stars needed. I was so excited to play this app when it wouldn't open and sent me back to my home page. Please fix and I will change this review


I have tried turning off my iPod and turning it back on several times but it still crashes complete waste of time don't get this app doesn't even deserve one star


Before I even set a spark it CRASHES!!!!!!fix it


It crashes when you open it. It is now deleted off my phone.


It works on my iPod touch but not on my iPhone!?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?

No fun

It crashes when I open the app

How soon is soon? O.o

How soon will they have the 4.0 campatibility?


crashes as soon as i open it

It crashes

It crashes every time I open it I will right a good review once it stops crashing

Pyromaniac sad:(

I just want 2 burn stuff. Please fix it!! Please!!!!!!!!!


The game crashes before i can use it, FIX IT!!!


Wow. Can't even open it and it looks like u haven't been able to in a while. I guess the developers are just that big of failures


Please make the update so I can give it a rating better than one!


This app stinks!

Update taking forever

OK I'VE BEEN WAITING A VERY LONG TIME FOR THE UPDATE TO COME! Y'all say it's coming soon but it's been saying that a very long time. Please can u send out and updated version really soon please. I would love to actually give this app a 5 star rating

This app stinks

Needs update to work on iOS 4 and it freezes after 7 seconds

.....not feelin it

It might if been good can't tell ya because it crashed.....update never coming

Worse than rotten EGGS

You guys just don't care about you're customers, I think that other guy is right it's laziness SO I'm not buying ANY of you're apps till you FIX THIS ONE!!!!!!!! When are you going to $@&*%#+€ fix this app, you're company should be named: L.A.Z.Y. N.E.S.S. Co.


Update is never coming


It would be a five star app but I can't play it it keeps crashing

Needs new updates plzzzz fix

Needs updates. It crashes

Very entertaining

this app is a great way to get a good laugh and kill some time! If you like fire this is your kind of app

Won't work

It looks like fun! But it won't open!):

Will not start

Looks like fun but will not start.

Hate it

Wont start


Crashes like a mf


It crashes.

Never Crashes

I don't know what you guys are talking about. This app hasn't crashed once on me. iPyro


So amazin it crashes my iphone! Sweeeet

Crash and Burn

Step 1) click to open app Step 2) app opens Step 3) crash Step 4) repeat

Problem with this app

Downloaded iPyro! and had crashing problems with it. I'd start the app, it would crash so I would restart the app and the same thing would happen. I tried deleting the app from my ipod touch and reinstalling it but the same thing happened. Please fix this glitch.


Needs to work with 4.0! I can't even start the app D:


I thought it was a good app worth five stars but now I can't even play it because it crashes please fix it unless you really don't care about your fans

Price of crap

CRASHES, don't even get to open it!!!!!

Burn it all

I love it best app ever

Not cool

Mine won't even work

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